Hi, I'm Josh.

senior full-stack software engineer.

indie game developer.


La Crosse, WI

Hey there. Thanks for checking out my portfolio.


My career started when I developed and self-published my first software at the age of 12.

That was over 20 years ago. Holy smokes.

After that, I went on to acquire a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (double-majoring with Philosophy - and getting pretty close to a third in Mathematics).

Post-graduation, I've worked as a full-stack developer in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare, to consultancies, to telecommunications, to fintech and others. I've lived and worked across the US in places like NYC and Madison, but eventually returned to the city I love most: La Crosse.

In my free time, I develop video games via a small company I founded (Fordesoft, LLC). I've published on PC, Android, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita, and I'm currently working on a new title that's coming to PC and all consoles in 2023. Beyond just programming, game development gives me a creative outlet to explore other skills like writing and music composition.

Since a young age, I've also had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I've built and launched many MVPs over the years - but none yet successful enough to retire. Maybe someday. :)

Web skills

In traditional porfolio fashion, here's a spattering of a bunch of technologies and processes I've worked with extensively. I've left out things that I've only worked with a bit.

Project management skills

My side entrepreneurial work has led me to learn the ins-and-outs of management:

Game development skills