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You're now entering the world of Josh Forde, an independent freeware game developer...

Feel free to take a look around, but chances are you're looking for the Games page.

Orbulite, purveyor of freeware PC games, was first made famous in Josh's MMORPG Seeds of Time Online before starring in Super Orbulite World

Who am I?

My name's Josh Forde (pronounced ford-ee, similar to the number forty-- the E is not silent as most people assume). I'm a Wisconsin-based developer of independent games, specializing mainly in free games. At this point, I'm mostly known for my free browser-based MMORPG Seeds of Time Online, which introduced bizarre monster species like the Orbulite and the Bootworm. I tend to create somewhat cartoony games, as evidenced in the Seeds of Time series. Most of my freeware games tend to fall into either the platformer or RPG genres; as such, you'll see that the Games page contains several free RPG's and platformers.

Newest release

My newest game is Super Blackout, a puzzle game for Android, released on August 26, 2013.

Where are all these games?

Check out the Games page to see a list of my best games, most of them being freeware PC games. You can also see smaller, less notable games on the Small Projects page.

While you're here...

Be sure also to check out my blog. Reading the thoughts of a game developer can sometimes be enjoyable, enlightening, or even both on a good day. Feel free also to subscribe to the RSS feed and leave a comment or two. :)

This page was last updated on Aug 27, 2013